Digital Marketing brought astonishing changes in the ways in which marketers market a product and consumers buy a product. But for this to happen, it has equally become challenging for these marketers to establish a strong online presence. Here comes ‘Website Creation’ as a solution. In this blog, let’s understand the scope, importance of Digital Marketing, also practically experiment and set up a website using WordPress.

Digital Marketing | Create a Website Using WordPress
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Before that, let me talk you through my profile and help you understand me better. Well, I’m Geethika Nori, your knowledge instructor at Primo Lancer. I’m a diligent BBA Grad from VIT, highly interested in setting up a Professional Career in Digital Marketing. As a Business Student, I have fair knowledge, understanding and experience in considerable Management disciplines. Whensoever I find time, I would love to invest my energies on Research Papers. Furthermore, I’ve quite a few International Journal Publications in the areas of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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Heads off and let’s get back to our discussion on Digital Marketing and understand what it actually is!


The term ‘Digital Marketing’ was first used in early 1990s and has later gained huge potential with increased individual’s use of social media platforms. Simply put, Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or services over internet or any form of electric media. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, ‘Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote products & services to targeted consumers and businesses’. Understand more about the scope, importance of Digital Marketing and fascinating careers this skill offers you here.

Let’s now start off with creating a website!


Creating a Website was difficult with lengthy codes, Java Scripts and HTML tags. However, today with the advancements in Technology, it merely takes hours for anyone to set up and create a website. For Example, One can create an effective website using WordPress CMS, Wix Software with mere drag and drop tasks. In this blog, I’ll discussing about setting up a live website using WordPress.

Create a Domain Name

Before setting up a website, it’s really important for a business to have a precise yet engaging Domain Name. Domain Name is basically the name of a website appears after the ‘.com’ extension on Google. In simple, it is what everyone sees in the URL bar. Websites with a professional domain name can have a better brand image than those that don’t. Now that, you understood what Domain Name is, here are a few Pro Tips to get a customer-centric domain name.

Pro tips:

  • Brainstorm and jot down your niche based domain ideas
  • Make sure your domain name has keywords that the public generally tends to search on Google
  • Don’t let the Domain Name exceed 12 characters
  • A Domain Name with 4-5 character would be the best thing to have

Now that we have a fair knowledge on creating a Domain Name, let’s get into the process and create one

15 Pro Steps to Creating a Domain Name on GoDaddy

  1. Create an account on GoDaddy at, login to your account
  2. Navigate to the Search Bar and enter a Domain Name that’s relevant to your Niche
  3. If your desired Domain Name is available, great, go ahead and add the Domain Name to your Cart
  4. Even if your Domain Name is unavailable, GoDaddy’s smart suggestions tool helps you with relevant keyword ideas
  5. Add your Domain Name to your cart now (Continue to Cart option available right behind the Search Bar )
  6. This re-directs you to the next page and you can select the ‘No Thanks’ option here
  7. Scroll domain and enable the ‘Start your website for Free’ option
  8. Navigate down, click on the ‘Continue to Cart’ option available at the right side of the page and check out
  9. Now, take a look at the product package plans and select the one that aligns your interests
  10. We highly recommend you to bag the ‘Domain Registration for 1 year’ for now, as you can always renew it later
  11. Now without your intervention, you will be able to see the ‘Full Domain Privacy and Protection and Professional Email’ products added on to your carts
  12. Good news for the rich kids! You can go ahead and make the payment right away by choosing your preferred mode of payment
  13. However, if you find the amount as a huge one, you can delete the non-needed products from your cart
  14. We recommend you to get the ‘Full Domain Privacy and Protection and Professional Certificate’ for at least a year to make sure your website is protected.
  15. Almost there! Click on the ‘Continue to Checkout’ option, go ahead and make the payment via your comfortable modes of payment

5 Easy Steps to Host your Website on GoDaddy

  1. On your preferred browser, head over to and login to your account using your login Credentials
  2. On top of the website, navigate your mouse to the ‘Hosting’ clickable button and you can now see the drop down menus here
  3. Select the ‘Web Hosting’ option, check out the Starter, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate plan available on
  4. You can choose the Starter or Economy plan for 1 month to 36 months based on your business requirements
  5. Now, Press Continue and make the payment after which you can check your Web Hosting on the ‘Products’ Menu of the site

10 Simple Steps to Connect your Domain Name with Web Hosting on GoDaddy

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account, on the top right corner you will be able to find the Account section under which you can navigate to ‘My Products’ page
  2. You’ll now be able to see your purchased Domain Name and Web Hosting out there
  3. Click on the DNS option available at Domain section and this site lands you on to another page. Scroll down, till you see the ‘Name Servers’ menu
  4. Under the ‘Name Servers’ option, you’ll be able to see two name servers. Copy paste these servers on a notepad to link these to the domain name of your website
  5. Now, land on to your ‘Product Page’ and click on the ‘Set Up’ option available at Web Hosting
  6. This further lands you on other page. Here, you can either select a domain name that you had purchased on GoDaddy or enter a domain name manually
  7. And then, Select on the ‘Asia’ as Data Centre which can help you go close to reach your audience
  8. Now, upon being asked to create a WordPress Website, you can simply click on ‘Yes, Let’s do it’ and press ‘Finish’
  9. This process would typically take some time and in the meanwhile you can take a sip of coffee
  10. That’s it, Click on ‘Set Up My Site’ and press ‘Finish’ and you’re done

Pro tip: Don’t forget to purchase the SSL Certificate to secure your site for at least an year

The next step to setting up a website is helping it Go Live. For this purpose, you can simply follow the expert steps below

5 Expert Steps to Help Your Website Go Live

  1. In your present page, you can click on the cPanel Admin icon available on top right corner of the site
  2. Then, click on the banner that shows ‘Build a Website’ on top of the page
  3. This typically takes you to the ‘GoDaddy Get Started Visit Page’ and you can click on ‘Start Wizard Icon’ to get started
  4. Go ahead, fill up the data on ‘Settings, Contact’, install a ‘Theme of your interest’ and press ‘Continue’
  5. Your WordPress Website is all set to get started with!

It’s that simple! We’re done with Setting up a Website on WordPress. Check out my blog on Making a Website using WordPress in the further posts and nail it.

Don’t forget to let me know your queries in the Comment Section. Let’s make it a happy, interactive learning!

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